Who We Are

There is one thing that we are passionate about and that's food. This is food that you can eat whenever and wherever you like, food that is easy to share with your friends and family. Nothing can beat top quality chips, and we make them the proper way! Our chips are made from fresh King Edwards potatoes triple fried in high quality Beef Dripping. Range of our own blend of spices, sauces and toppings that you can choose from will make your chips even better! You prefer to eat some meat? Please welcome: Korean Corn Dogs! We have upgraded the standard and simple corn dog and brought it to a new level. Hot dog and cheese in delicious dough coated in breadcrumbs and... chips! If you like we can INJECT your sauce of choice into the Corn Dog, and if you like challenges, we give you the UBER CORN DOG CHALLENGE - check our website and Instagram for more details.

Keep your eyes open for a big silver road warrior called UBER WAGON. You can find us at Car Boot Sales, Local Events, and on the roads across Worcestershire. 


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