Our homemade CHIPS are made from fresh Maris Piper potatoes fried in beef dripping. Our own blends of spices, sauces and toppings that you can choose from will make your chips even better! 

UBER LOADED CHIPS are topped with BBQ pulled pork, cheese, jalapenos and fried onions! 

U-DOG - We have upgraded the standard corn dog and brought it to a new level. Hot dog and mozzarella cheese in delicious dough, coated in Panko breadcrumbs, French fries or Ramen noodles. Sauces are injected into the U-Dog!

POTATO TWISTER is a simple and tasty snack - deep fried spiralized potato on a bamboo stick. It can be salted or dusted with our spices and sauces on top.

SWEET SNACKS - homemade cookies with peanut butter, dried cranberries and crushed milk biscuits with milk chocolate on top.

CHEESE FINGERS - deep fried mozzarella sticks covered with spiced batter .


If you like challenges, we give you the UBER-DOG CHALLENGE - check our website and Instagram for more details.


Keep your eyes open for a big silver road warrior called UBER WAGON. You can find us at Car Boot Sales, Local Events, and on the roads across Worcestershire. 

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