The challenge rules are simple: 
Stage 1 - "The Race":
You have 2 UberDogs and only 2 minutes to eat them. You cannot drink or eat anything else. You cannot walk away during the challenge, and you can't "get rid of what's already eaten" - simply - no vomiting :)
Stage 2 - "Survival":
You have to survive 10 minutes without drinking or eating anything. If you do, challenge is over.

The end!

Sounds easy? We haven't mentioned one thing yet... This UberDog is injected with our deadly HOT sauce and coated with an extremely hot blend of spices that includes Carolina Reaper Powder. If you can survive, we will post the video of your challenge on our social media, and you can call yourself The Uber Challenge Winner! Your Name will always be remembered - You will stay on our Wall of Fame forever! And one more thing - if you win the Uber Challenge you don't have to pay for it! 


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