I  ___________________________________, acknowledge that I am entering into an eating contest or an indulgence of eating very spicy foods which may or may not cause abdominal and/or gastrointestinal discomfort as a result of my own action in eating the food given. UBER WAGON has made it clear to me that the spicy sauces and food served are extremely hot. I also acknowledge that eating any concentration of spicy foods that have spicy pepper ingredients may or may not cause gastrointestinal or abdominal distress for an unknown period of time and to an unknown extent. I hereby state that I have no known or unknown health condition that may be aggravated by such and in the case there is, UBER WAGON, their successors, agents, sponsors and assigns shall not be held responsible or liable for any action in which I elect to consume any food that may or may not aggravate or cause any condition as a result of my consuming or over consuming spicy foods that contain Carolina Reaper peppers, and/or other spices. While it has been made clear to me that highly intense spicy foods have been known to cause undesired effects such as overall discomfort, abdominal or gastrointestinal discomfort, flush, dizziness, extreme burning sensation, tearing, numbing, tingling and post digestive discomfort on a temporary and/or possible permanent basis. Should I experience any of these affects I shall hold UBER WAGON, their successors, agents, sponsors and assigns harmless for my indulgence in such and any undesired result thereafter due to any activity that includes consuming extremely spicy foods or overindulgence therein. 


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